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As i played the game in german language, the game ctd as i couldn´t pay the rent. I did begin the game from the start and played it in english, than it worked well on that point.

An interessting event could be that the thief take even the clothes and lolita need to go naked to her home, or need to do a few quest in town to get the clothes and the housekey back.

It is surprising that the bug did not occur in English, normally it does not depend on the language.

The bug makes the amount of rent to be paid is doubled compared to what is said in the text.

As for the thief, what I have planned in my scenario is that Lolita can negotiate to give a piece of clothing instead of her money. This part of the script is not yet completely written, it is only a vague annotation on my todo-list. I'll see when it's time to make it what exact form it will take.

I like the idea of her being "too" naked for her taste.

What I haven't thought about yet is what happens if, after being robbed, Lolita has nothing to wear and her "exhibition" doesn't allow her to leave her house without clothes.
It shouldn't block the game, but it shouldn't make it possible to do something too daring too quickly...
I need to take some time to think about it

I am in the process of adding new languages to the game (MTL).
- Chinese (simplified) - NOT SURE : currently, I'm having trouble finding the right font (missing characters)
- Dutch
And I'm also integrating the corrections that ForPeace sent me for the Russian version.
If you want me to add more languages, NOW is the time to ask!

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1. So I applied patch

2. Played game

3. Day 7, says I dont have enough money for rent but I have 150

4. Went to work. Earned 42 more so now have 192

5. Go to pay rent. Still says I don't have enough money and am 2 weeks behind now, on day 7. 

6. Also yes I did actual saves on slot 2 every morning. 

Am I missing something here? 

Sorry for the delay in responding.
Summer is a big time for me to work IRL, I work more than 90 hours per week, and I rarely get a chance to come to the forums during this time.

I know that bugfix doesn't solve all the problems related to paying rent.

But the bug that remains (and that you have) is rather helpful than penalizing for the game (it makes it easier to unlock a CG), so I didn't find it necessary to publish a new bugfix.

It will be fixed in the next update though


Some player report me crash.
So I post a BUGFIX for the CG159b version.

Dont forget to donwload it too

Copy the new "Data" folder in the game Folder
Answer "YES" to "overwrite existing files"

It seems that the bugfix does not apply immediately if your savegame is on the MAP where the bug is.

 (For example if your savegame is in the house before you have the rent bug.)
In this case, leave the house or Ingrid's apartment
Done... The bugfix has been applied...

Hi Pepette

Is the release date of the new version of the game not known yet? This is the game I've been waiting for the most :)

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The tests of the new version are in progress since Sunday.
For the moment, I'm doing a test in French that continues a save from a previous version. Then I'll do a fresh start in English.
I already discover a lot of corrections to do (I added some gameplay that modifies some CG triggers).
As you know, there are many many game variants (depending on the order you do things), it is impossible to test everything.


My usual tester just became a mom, she won't be able to help me find the bugs this time (Her baby is sooooo cute !)
So the tests might be longer than usual
Since, at the moment, I have a lot of work IRL, I can't predict how long it will take me to test everything.

All I can say is (after this long wait) Winter Lolita is coming !

I downloaded the CG130d. I had to get new software to extract it because its a .rar and not a .zip however after i extracted it, the only folder in the entire download is an audio folder, no .exe anywhere

I don't know which link you used. I just tested several, they all work.

I think the download you made failed. Try to download again.

I have downloaded all 6 files, the 3 update files which I knew weren't it and the other 3 just to be sure. Used 2 different apps to extract the .rar file and everytime the file just contains an audio folder. Do you have a discord that I can message to show you?

Ok, so I used one of my apps to open it in the app and not extract, I can see the contents of the file but when I go to extract it not everything gets extracted only the audio file. Can you tell me what you use to extract .rar files? I had used winzip but my free trial ended and now I am stuck using free apps that apparently do not work.

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I use winRAR :

you can download it and use it free (even if it offers you to buy it every time you open it)

right click on the RAR file => extract to Lolitagonewild...

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Ok thank you, I've gotten it now. Quick question, there's hints for the CGs but there is no hint on the trophies that I have seen. Is there any list or hint in game to help you get the trophies? I've only gotten 3 so far and have completed almost all the CGs

EDIT: Nvm I saw the last image, are all the trophies available in cg130? I wanna try to get as many as possible.

I'm glad you managed to unrar the game.

The unlockable trophies haven't changed since CG109, the picture you are talking about is still accurate.

It will take several updates before all trophies are unlockable.

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why cant i open the game

it says im supposed to open it with something?

There is no need for software to open the game  (nor RTP).
Just click on "Game.exe".

If it doesn't work, try downloading again.
(Attention the game only works on PC)

Hi Pepette

Still uncertain about the new version of Lolita? I've been waiting for the new version for a long time.

also it would be better if we can flirt with more people in the new version. let's not just flirt with thomas


I admit that it's been a long time since the last release... Sorry

I'm making good progress on the update. But I'm still far from finishing it.

For now, there is no romance planned with a guy other than Thomas (but I can think about it...)

In what is planned, there is a relationship with Thomas, and one with Anna (which starts with sex, then can turns into a love story). Unfortunately, these stories will not advance in the next update. I can't do everything at once.

I understand that your job is difficult and I am looking forward to the update. I'm sure it will be a nice update :)))

I have one last question.

Will there be a lot of changes in the update or will it be a minor update?

take it easy. good luck

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Here is what is planned for the update

What is already done
- Fix all bugs reported by players
- Correct English translation
- Add light to lampposts at night
- Add 1 CG : masturbation looking porn on computer
- Add 6 CGs (count for 1 in CGroom) : naked tits service at the « café français »
- Add 3 CGs (count for 1 in CG room) : grope by the barman
- Add introductions scenes at student party
- Add drinking scene and 3 optional CGs : rape when drunk (when leaving party)

What I'm doing actually
- Add 5 CGs at students party

What I want to add before release (this part can still change)
- Add new CGs with the client in café toilets
- Dress/undress animation for the job at the warehouse
- Add  new CGs at the Warhouse (New job)      or       Continue Blackmail story

alpha test (from the start)
fix as many bugs I found
test bugfix
and release.

it looks pretty good. I'm looking forward to.

good luck


I know it's been a long time since I've posted a game update.

Unfortunately, I didn't have as much free time as I would have liked to devote to the game, as my IRL job took a lot of my time between July and mid-December.

However, don't worry: the game is not abandoned, and I'm currently actively working on the next steps.

I'm still terrible at estimating timings, so I won't promise a date for the moment.

Be patient, new adventures await Lolita

Hello I play with the cg130d version is it has a more recent version ?? thank you for this game or this a heroine girl from the game and that he and translated into French kiss chloe

Yes, the CG130d is the most recent version.

(For your information, the French version is the original)

Anybody know if and when a newer version will be released?

Yes, I'm preparing the continuation of the game, but since I'm doing it on my own time and I have a lot of work IRL, I'm unfortunately not able to promise a date. I can only say ASAP...

Lolita gone wild is a very good game. I love it. 

But I think I found a bug. When I am in the Casino and play Poker, but don't leave and stay some rounds, the UI isn't showing up. As example when I stay 2 or 3 rounds and take the choice to follow, the next step isn't coming anymore. The same goese the other round to, when I going to raise or fold.

I hope you understand what I mean, because I don't know how I can explain it better to you.

First of all, I'm glad to see that you like the game.

Thanks for the bug report.

Don't worry: Your explanations are clear enough for me to understand what you are talking about

I am currently looking for this bug. As soon as I fix it (it seems to be well hidden), I will post a "small" update. No new CGs but some bugfixes and the addition of 6 new languages.

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Looking at the number of downloads of each file, I see that very few people download the bugfix.
It is written everywhere, but I repeat it here :



I just finished the English beta-test (hoping I found all the bugs), the French test takes a bit more time (my tester has very little free time at the moment). It would be unreasonable to release only the English version, there are so many text variants in the game, that the bugs my tester will point out will also correct some bugs I would have missed in my test of the English version...
Just a little more patience, as soon as I get her feedback (and fix it), I can at last post the update!

Here we are !
The next update is currently in beta test phase.
Due to the big technical change of this new version, this phase may take a little more time than usual.
Just a little more patience and I'll be able to post it. (the delay will depend on the number of bugs found)

If you have never tried the game, there is nothing to stop you from downloading it now.
The CG109b version already required many hours of play to unlock all the CGs.
I always make sure that the updates are compatible with the old saves (The update of the variables is done automatically when you load your game).
The next update will add about 15 new CGs to the 109 available in the current version.
The biggest disadvantages of not starting a new game when I release an update are :
- consistency of the story (there is often a progression for the CGs, when Lolita already has high stats, it can create an impression of backtracking).
- dead time to fill between new CGs (some CGs are only triggered on specific days, so you have to redo actions you've already seen between).
On the other hand, if you already have a game from an older version, I advise you to wait a bit until the new update comes out, to avoid experiencing the inconveniences (that I just described above) twice in a row...
As I feared, my beta tester and I discover a lot of mini bugs because of the big technical part of the update. I fix everything we find as we go along. But it's much more time consuming than debugging only a few new CGs like in the previous updates. Currently we have debugged the equivalent of 5 hours of game (we both started a new game, she plays in French and I in English).

Is there a way to avoid being robbed when heading to the dealer?

The thief appears when you reach a "certain" amount of money in your possession.
Each time he steals, this trigger amount increases. So, the more he steals from you, the rarer it will be to see him appear.

If you really want to get rid of the thief, there is a possibility to deactivate it in the cheat room (pass the "cheat" door in the CGroom).
In a future update (but not in the next one), it will be possible to "negotiate" with the thief so that he doesn't take all the money from Lolita.

Beware however, to see the CGs with the dealer, you need to run out of money (and be addicted to drugs).

Ok. Good to know. Thanks for replying.

Love it! Can't wait to see more!

Thank you for the encouragement.
I am doing my best to post an update in late January or early February.
(As I make the game on my free-time, it's quite difficult for me to estimate an exact publication date).

Unfortunately, I got a bit enthusiastic... I had less free time than I thought in January, and I'm afraid it's going to take me a few more weeks to finish the update.

I'd rather delay the release a little bit, than release a new version that is very technical and with finally not many new CGs.

Sorry for the inconvenience

So, I prefer not to give a precise date, for fear of being wrong again in the evaluation of the time needed.